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We have selected the perfect tools for creating any thinkable hairstyle: Brushes and combs in different shapes and sizes to keep your hair free from tangles and create sleek shapes. So whatever you choose, and whichever your styling goal may be, you will find your perfect choice right here.

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Perfect hair styling tools

The amazing By Vilain tools known from Slikhaar TV on YouTube are available individually or in various packs. A brush is not just a brush. It’s a styling tool. A must-have when blow drying your hair is the Skeleton Brush. The brush allows for a smoother blow dry and allows maximum airflow directly to the roots. Don’t use a brush on wet hair as it is more vulnerable when it’s wet. It’s better to use a wide-toothed comb through wet hair. Work out the tangles gently and if you have long hair start from the ends, not the roots as it will gather in one giant tangle at the end of the hair.

If you have curly hair a wide-toothed comb is you go to as it will detangle your hair without damaging your hair. A pro tip is to use the comb in the shower to apply your conditioner evenly.

Want the perfect quiff or pompadour?

To get the perfect quiff you need the perfect tools and hair styling products. The quiff requires a round brush like the Skeleton Brush which helps your hair into place while blow drying. Finish off with a pomade. Want to know more about the quiff and how to style it? We’ll guide you here.

Just as the quiff use the skeleton brush when blow drying your hair in place. For the classic pompadour you should use a pomade, but if you are in for some texture go for a clay or a mud wax for control. Grab a Comb and comb our hair through after distributing the product. Use the other hand to shape the hair. Is the pompadour the right choice for you?

Check out Slikhaar TV on YouTube if you want to learn more about how to use these products. Every week new educational and entertaining videos help men all over the world make the most of what they’ve got!