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By Vilain Paddle Brush

In stock

The Paddle Brush from By Vilain is a professional hair tool that will detangle all hair lengths while gently massaging the scalp.

Ships in 2 hours, 12 minutes.
£ 12.00



The Paddle Brush from By Vilain will detangle all hair types while simultaneously smoothing and straightening them. The cushioned, soft-ball tip quills gently massage the scalp as you brush.

  • Soft-touch, non-slip finish handle for increased grip and control
  • Perfect for grooming medium to long hair


Carbon Fiber

Customer Reviews

4 anmeldelser

Review by: Logan

Stolyen by my girlfriend

Had to buy a second one after my girlfriend stole my first one. Keep up the good works guys !
Review by: Michal

The product I was looking for

This brush is completely what my hair needs. After long time struggling with different combs and low-cost products, I decided to order this brush and it was the best decision I could make. My hair is thick and I couldn't find anything to work with them but this comb does magic. Only few moves through my hair and my hairstyle is done. Anytime I need. I recommend it with all my fingers.
Review by: Daniel

The perfect brush

This is the perfect brush, it doesn't scratch my scalp, the handle gives a good grib and makes it easy to control the brush.
Review by: William

Great Quality

Worth the price, it doesn't feel like a cheap brush at all and it will definitely last a lifetime.
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