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By Vilain Gift Set 3 | Save 25%

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The By Vilain Gift Set 3-pack is the perfect Christmas gift for you, your family, or you friend. Also, it comes with a great discount.

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£ 55.50

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£ 55.50
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Availability: In stock

£ 55.50
£ 41.50
£ 55.50

£ 41.50



By Vilain Gift Set 3 | SAVE 25%

This fantastic bundle includes 3 x New Edition By Vilain Products - perfect under the Christmas Tree. Everything you need in one offer. Get it before it's too late.

The New Edition By Vilain Products:

Now is you chance to get the New and improved By Vilain Products. Designed and manufactured in Denmark.

Direction Of Use

Only a little amount will do the trick. Heat in Palms. Apply on damp or dry hair. Creativity is the limit.


Check individual prodct

Customer Reviews

1 anmeldelser

Review by: Michael Williams


I just received my first wax from the new line, and now I cant wait for this bundle :D
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