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By Vilain Freestyler

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By Vilain Freestyler makes optimal hairstyling for men seem easy. This professional tool is essential when re-styling hair, and it lasts a lifetime (8.45 fl. oz./250 ml). You just need to fill the bottle with water.

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£ 6.00



The By Vilain Freestyler (8.45 fl. oz./250 ml) is a water spray bottle specially designed for the quality-conscious man. It lets you re-style your hair quickly and smoothly. The process of changing your hair during the day is now easier than ever.

Direction Of Use

Use the By Vilain Freestyler whenever you need to re-style your hair (without taking a shower). Simply moisten the hair with the spray and blow-dry your hair into position. When dry, apply your favorite By Vilain wax and create your desired hairstyle.



Customer Reviews

3 anmeldelser

Review by: Ben

Great product

I really love this product. It's great for mornings where I don't have time to shower and wash my hair.
Review by: Nat harrop

Great product

This product is great for re-styling your hair for your new look each day. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone. It isn't too expensive and is very handy. I use it everyday as it is really that good.
Review by: Woosh

It looks good on my shelf!

It looks awesome on my bathroom shelf. I'm a sucker for good quality and this brand! I don't care about the fact that it doesn't contain any product. Fill it with water and It does the job. Much easier then sticking my head under the shower.
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