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SLIKHAAR hair products are developed to give you the confidence to express your individuality and create hairstyles that suit you. You’ll be surprised how much impact a good hairstyle can have! Our 8 must-have products embrace all hair-related needs. From care to prep, styling, and finish, we've got all the stuff you need to invent a style that’s all yours… making each day and night as exceptionel as you are. Find all you need to know about each product here.

What is a shampoo brush?

A shampoo brush is a brush with wide rubber or plastic bristles designed to remove dirt and excess oil from your scalp while increasing the blood flow and stimulating the hair growth. The purpose is to make shampooing easier and more effective. A shampoo brush works the shampoo evenly through your hair and cleanses hair and scalp thoroughly while giving a good scalp massage and scrub.

It offers a deep wash while removing dirt, dead skin cells and buildup. It has a better distribution of shampoo and works the shampoo evenly into your hair while massaging your scalp. And let’s be honest. Who doesn’t like a good scalp massage? A good scalp massage gets the blood flow going and increases the hair growth.